DSPA 1616 Ultra DSPA 1616 Ultra DSPA 1616 Ultra DSPA 1616 Ultra

DSPA 1616 Ultra

  • 24-channel outputs
  • 12x80W/4Ω+4x150W/4Ω Max
  • Designed for multi-channel high-end car
  • 16xHigh level inputs 2xAUX inputs
  • 16xHigh level outputs 16xRCA outputs
  • Description

The Goldhorn DSPA 1616 Ultra amplifier processor is the latest addition to our high-end range, tailored to meet the demands of automotive enthusiasts seeking modifications with over twenty channels.

Boasting 16 channels of digital amplifiers, this remarkable device features 12 channels with 80W per channel output and 4 channels with a powerful 150W per channel output. This ensures that it can effortlessly power even the most sophisticated original car speakers, fully unleashing their potential and delivering a truly immersive 360° surround sound experience.

DSPA 1616 Ultra

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