DSPA 206 DSPA 206 DSPA 206 DSPA 206

DSPA 206

  • Hi-End components
  • 4 x 50W/4Ω Max. integrated Class AB amplifier
  • 4 x High Level Inputs 2 x AUX Inputs
  • 6 x RCA Outputs 4 x High Level Outputs
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Audio Codec: aptX /AAC/SBC
  • Description

Probably this is the cheapest DSP amplifier you can get in the market that can provide above average sound quality!

The built-in 4x50W/4Ω Max. class AB amplifier allows for a simple and quick upgrade, bringing a new feeling to listeners. 6-channel RCA outputs can meet the future upgrade needs.

If you want to have a try in car audio upgrade, DSPA 206 can be your first chosen DSP!

DSPA 206

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